XMILE as a product

  • It comes in liquid form and is applied directly to any fuel tank at a dosage of 1/10,000
  • Xmile can be applied to diesel, petrol, biofuel, MGO and HFO 180 or 380.
  • XMILE is an enzyme based biocatalyst for all types of fuel
  • The enzymes are 100% biological and not manipulated
  • XMILE is produced in The Netherlands
  • Enzymes are active on a molecular level
  • The enzymes “search” for an unsaturated molecule and begin a biochemical reaction, following which the fuel molecule acts as a saturated molecule - unreactive and with a higher ignition quality.

Results you can expect with XMILE

With c ontinuous use, XMILE provides the following advantages:
  • Full combustion
  • Fuel savings 5-8% (far more than the additive cover cost)
  • Less emissions:
    CO2 5-8%
    NOX 5-8%
    CO up to -25%
    particulates up to minus 35%
  • Cleaner fuel systems and filters
  • Increase in engine power
  • No contamination of engine and fuel systems
  • Smoother running engine
  • Extends storage life of fuels up to 8x
  • Helps dissolve sludge in storage tanks
  • Lessens maintenance costs
  • Great return on investment